Thursday, 4 June 2009

I've been wired - part 2

When you say ‘I’ve been wired’ where I’m from, it means someone has put a pube in your drink or food. This is not what I mean by this blog post – I haven’t been wired in that sense, thank goodness, as its quite disgusting. Its why you shouldn’t be rude to waiters.

SPOILER FOLLOWS (if you haven’t seen the 2nd series of The Wire)

So just finished watching series 2 of The Wire. It was as addictive as the first series, took a few episodes to get to know all the new characters – the dock guys. And so good to see the old undercover team back together again. Even McNulty managed to get off the boat, eventually. His boss’s vitriol towards him knows no bounds!

A special mention goes to Ziggy, the most irritating bloke in the world. But when he went all post-office-worker on their asses, couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and then seeing him in prison surrounded by all those big blokes… poor little Ziggy. Should have stuck with his street-wise cuz, Nick. It took me quite a few episodes to like Nick, but in the end I was glad he survived the series.

We even got to see what Avon and D’Angelo were up to in prison. Bit of a shocker when D’Angelo got strangled … and everyone thought he committed suicide. I didn’t believe he was gone, really. Up until the funeral. I liked D’Angelo. That Stringer had been watch out, if Avon finds out he was behind that, dead dead dead. Stringer hasn’t been following orders lately either, as a good Second should, his days are surely numbered. Though he is very clever. We’ll see I guess, next series. Bring it on BBC2, please!!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

I've been wired

I am officially in love with Jimmy McNulty.

I know I'm slow - I've only just started watching the first series of The Wire and really, he's not that likable at first. He's abrasive, drinks too much, cheated on his wife, lives like a slob ... BUT last night we saw his vulnerable side - when his mate Kima was shot during an UC operation. He went into shock and there were tears in his eyes. Haven't even seen that side of him before, even when his wife won't let him see his kids (and we know he loves them, but he's not the most emotive guy). He's flawed, but now .. now I just want to hug him, despite his many and varied flaws!!

I guess this reflects on how the characters in The Wire are just so compelling. I love Bubbles too, I can't believe how much I like and sympathise with this guy who is a junkie and a theif and a snitch. When he tries to go clean, I'm really rooting for him, knowing full well that he'll be back on the junk and the whole cycle will start again. Still love him. I think that actor is bloody brilliant.

Which means ... the writers of the show are brilliant. I believe they are natives of Baltimore and have seen a lot of the stuff first hand. Its not a glamorous location (like CSI's Miami, NY or even Vegas). It looks worse than the bad parts of east London. But they know it and write it so well, makes you feel like its the last frontier.

The Wire is officially under my skin and I'm thrilled that there are loads more series to go! I know everyone else in the world has watched them already, but I only just found it - not even sure if its the first time its been aired in the UK. I had read good things about it which is what prompted me to record it on my skybox in the first place and give it a whirl.

My name is Sam and I'm addicted to The Wire (and Jimmy).