Friday, 1 February 2008

Bit bleary

My head feels dizzy, my mouth feels dry, stomach is flipping and I just want to go back to bed... yes I have the hangover from hell. But I managed to drag my sorry self into work (albeit an hour late) to continue my 100% success rate of pitching up to the office even with a crippling hangover. I've never had a sick day for a hangover, ever! Not that I'm being very productive, but its the principle of the thing.

Fortunately I don't sit near the queen bee (QB) of my team so wasn't spotted sloping in late ... although she did pop by just after I got here and my computer was suspiciously booting up still. My actual bosses didn't mind, they sent me out to get some proper food! Actually I might have the other half of that bacon-egg sandwich now, if I can keep it down. I feel another alka seltzer coming on too...

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