Thursday, 25 September 2008

On my feet again

I finally landed a 6 month contract for secretarial work. Only took me 5 months! I got by through temping/working at my cousin's law firm in the meantime.
The new firm is pretty good - in depth training program, modern attitudes, offices in the west end ... very good for shopping but bad if you are on the breadline like me. I managed to avoid shopping whilst temping as I knew I couldn't afford it but now I have regular income for 6 months, what a different story! And doesn't a girl deserve a little bit of a shop after a 5 month hiatus? I didn't even shop online during that time! (well not for clothes/shoes/bags. Only essentials like wine. Oh and food).

There's an eccentric lawyer here with crazy curly hair, a booming voice and loud suits. The days he is not here it is like a morgue. That is the problem with open plan - people are very quiet so they don't disturb others. Except the lady who sits opposite me, who calls out to her bosses like an east end fishwife. She also moans about everything under the sun. Fortunatley my nearest neighbour is lovey - mellow, sweet, helpful lady. Landed on my feet there.

But 2 weeks in the new job and I'm off on a week's holiday with my parents - to Malta and Italy. Now that should be an experience!

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